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ecology by design

Good design is a process where mistakes are made on paper, and dreams are considered alongside practicality. Construction options are assessed before decisions are made that are difficult or expensive to change.

As a designer and builder I am not only a sounding board for your own experiences, misgivings, and inspirations about your site; I bring with me a fresh pair of eyes and a wealth of knowledge on mainstream and alternative techniques and applications.

Project Gallery

Take a look at these projects below to see problems turn into solutions:

  • A clay hillside sloping and draining into the back sliding glass door gets cut back. A rock retaining wall is built and backed with a drain, and is backfilled with dirt from the cut. The yard behind the wall is now more level and you have a long, curving rock bench to serve as outdoor seating near the barbeque. A fire pit at the end of the wall tempts you to linger longer, out of doors. [retaining wall with fire pit]

  • A failing metal fence finds a new home in the back yard as a unique trellis, after a bit of welding and paint. [recycled trellis]

  • An unneeded concrete sidewalk is removed from a back yard and dyed to become a bench built into and retaining a small hill. The hill was created from dirt excavated for a pond in front of it. [recycled concrete bench]

  • A bamboo outdoor shower drains underground to a garden, where greywater is used by plants but never reaches the surface. [bamboo shower]


Full Landscape Design, Planning, Consultation at any Phase, and Installation

I am broad and flexible, and at your service. I can coach you on your own way with a consultation or three, or create a full Landscape Master Design Plan that you use yourself or give to recommended professionals.

I enjoy working with landscape contractors and other professionals. Services include being a liaison during the installation so that your landscape is built true to the design concepts, or more importantly, built as you like it.

Below are some ideas to get you thinking, and contacting me. Thank you for your interest in Ecology By Design.

Year-round color

Garden Sculpture, Fences, Gates


Outdoor showers

Dry creek beds

Wet creeks and ‘natural’
swimming pools

Rock and/or
sculpture jungle gym

Native plant forest

Food forest

Retainer seatwall

Contract grown
specialty plants

Planting and design
installation quality control

A place to call home
and relax


Drought tolerant


Site by Mary Geitner 9-VOLT Design





Consider the following things before we meet to get more out of our time together:

  • What is your long-range plan with your home? Will you sell it or is this landscape for you?

  • What is your lifestyle really like, and how might your landscape complement that or even help you make more time for outdoor living?

  • What is your realistic landscape/outdoor budget, both short term and long term?


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