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Why Mow This Steep Hillside?

My clients spent their entire weekend mowing the steep hill of grass upon which their house was built. If you know anything about how fast grass grows, especially when you’re watching it, by the next weekend they would have to risk their limbs and musculoskeletal systems to mow that useless hill- again.

I asked them what kind of colors and feels they like, and chose native shrubs and perennials that bring four-season interest to their hillside, and now they can truly sit and relax while watching nature do its thing.

One of the couple is from the midwest so I inserted some plants that give her memories of her past while keeping it native. Now there is at most seasonal- usually annual- maintenance to deadhead or trim, and even that can get put on the backburner like most chores can when there’s more fun to be had.

Against the house where it was extremely steep and washing away, there is now gabion wall terracing that will soon enough be engulfed by cascading plants. More pictures to come as the plants grow in and the color shows off!