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QUONSET RE-HUT. From a metal shop, to abandonment, to My House.

I bought my Dad’s old metal shop which had been abandoned and was full of a hoarder’s hoardings. This is the visual record of rescue, through rehab, to recreation hub at the Quonset Hut. It’s now my home for the meantime, and I am enjoying waking up each spring day and flinging the 12’ garage door all the way open.

The building is now clean, ship-shaped, and insulated. I have a 10’ arc of the curve (x38’ length) effeciency apartment that can be shut off (and eventually locked), and is insulated and climate controlled with a mini split. The main space has a hefty wood stove, a large reversible ceiling fan, and an exhaust fan. There is a sleeping loft, a chaise lounge sleeper couch, and my king size bed, so there is plenty of space for guests. The kayaks get their due with a vertical rack. I’m set!

As a landscape designer, I am gritting my teeth in wait to be able to thrust my will upon the land, but I am still waiting for the grader to do his thing. More pictures as the project evolves. New, ⅔ glass, insulated steel garage door coming soon! It’s only been a 9 month wait! That garage door better be as cool as a baby. ?

It is a little bittersweet in that now this space is not set up for metal work and craft, which I very much enjoyed as a youth and when in college for Art (what a choice of degree- err now what?!). However I intentionally left the main space open and flexible so that it could be adapted to many uses. Weewoo!