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Pulling a Little Switzerland Cabin Out of the Weeds and Into Usefulness

My awesome client bought a mountain cabin from a hoarder whose predilections extended to gardening. You could barely get to the house for all the plants, many of them invasive punks that, no offense, are better off back where they came from.

With the help of The Yard Bro, we peeled back the layers until the house and its bones were exposed. A man named Dirt brought his mason in, and with no formal announcement began major medical on the rear hillside, building a stone patio and steps down to a stepping stone path to take amblers down to the final destination of the Peach tree.

With native shrubs purchased from Carolina Natives, and flats of native perennials, we are in the process of taking over that back, sunny hillside with a riot of color and year-long interest that is beneficial for wildlife, does not need to be mowed, and which showcases the beauty and variety of Western North Carolina in her own backyard. Obviously the view doesn’t hurt either.

In the front yard, my favorite place to make great again (or usually for the first time ever), Dirt’s crew moved a few Rhododendrons to make room for living space, and transplanted them to help block the neighbor. Then The Yard Bro built a great stone walkway and fire pit. I can’t wait to have cocktails on that patio and discuss life up on a mountain.

Stay tuned as more photos come through.