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Party in the Front..

Once again, there was an untapped front yard, the need for a space to gather- and a landscape overdue for some general freshening up.

To solve this, A&R Landscaping installed a great concrete patio on a simple square format, right outisde the entry door. Then they neatened up the edge of the driveway with some wooden retainers, pruned a few years of neglect out of the beautiful Rhodendrons and Azaleas, and basically carved space and air back into this little suburban back 40 Air B’n’B.

“Shady Cove” is now a few hundred per cent more desirable as a short term rental by these improvements alone. I still can’t get over how everyone loves a fire pit- just like I do!

This project will continue as we give more haircuts to some overgrown shrubs to bring more light into the property as well as floral, long range views into the mature Tulip Poplars of the forest. We might even throw in a few Blueberry bushes! Stay tuned for progress photos!