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Naturally, a Playground Upgrade: Phase 1

Before and After photos of the playground and architectural drawings, for Phase 1 of the project, which was to solve the erosion problem and to make life interesting. As it was, the compacted "dirt" around the Pine trees, trampled by youthful feet, did nothing to stop the flow of the rain sheeting down the hill in downpours.

Now we have a dry creek bed as added interest, with temporary bridges allow crossing while Asheville Playgrounds builds the fantastic new bridges that will be permanent. Erosion was also eased by terracing the slope with useful pathways retained by natural materials that the kids will love playing on. Because, we all remember being a kid!

The Black Mountain Montessori School playground is open to the public after hours. If you would like to donate to the playground , click here:

Naturally, a Playground Upgrade