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Elegant Ellipse: Existing diagonal flagstone walkway meets new patio, fire pit

The existing cut flagstone, diagonal walkway is pretty, but it’s hard to bring in a patio to harmonize with its various angles and dominating straight lines. I wanted to see an elliptical patio that has room on all sides of the ever important fire pit. The clients obliged the shape, which fits perfectly between the multi-angled walkway and the fence. An ellipse it is! We let the angle of the existing walkway set the grid for the repurposed flagstone pavers, and now the back yard is graphically dynamic! The lines of the custom metal bannister and the relatively large ADU- and that walkway- all spoke in lines, so we got the memo and played in lines as well. The constraints inform the design.

The white gravel makes it pop, along with the Corten steel fire pit from The Screen Door in Asheville.