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"ecology by design" is this: We create our environment. "Eco" = Greek 'oikos' (home), and "-logy" = Greek 'logos' (the study of). Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly observing and changing- designing- our lives within constraints and opportunities. Thus we craft our own ecology of living. Landscape design can turn a house into a home, it can be “maintenance free” but for occasional tune ups. A yard can bring the wild beauty of open spaces into our everyday lives, or make a small spot become grand. Since 1999• I have been fortunate to have worked for and with a few sought-after landscape architects, designers, as well as a wide variety of contractors, in the Greater Bay Area and Santa Cruz. After exactly 20 years in CA, mid September 2020 I returned to my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. Now I’m back with the plants that accompanied me when I started this process at The Conway School in Western Massachusetts, and the native plant conference at Western Carolina University. Back To You: Your site's limitations and assets define the route to solution! Let challenges be opportunities for wins. Let a new, educated set of eyes and ideas help you solve it. I’ll support you from the blank canvas, until there is nothing lost in translation between design and installation. I’ll work with your contractor, your architect. I’m here to make sure the outdoors don’t get left out, because so many times- Outside is where you want to be. Outside is where the problem is. You want to see something nice when you look Outside. Plans are custom, thorough, and designed with your budget at the forefront. Unless your budget is endless, it will be key to have a good number to start with, so we can best allocate your resources.


Design team won Sunset Magazine's 'People's Choice' award, 2004 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

36" x 72" x 3/4" glass & steel sculpture, permanent display, Fine Arts Center, University of TN, Chattanooga


Teresa did a great job mixing my concept to the local conditions. I am looking for to have the designs installed in Sept. Bill AndersonRead More

Teresa spent a bunch of time really listening to our wants and our needs. She came up with ideas we had not considered but kept in line with our vision for the overall project. She even helped guide our thoughts about how our home remodel could be incorporated into the exterior landscape design. We are now attaching an add on to our house in a way we would not have considered had she not suggested that option. We are also adding a circular drive which will help us so much with parking and flow for visitors. She also helped us prioritize projects so we can chunk things over time. I can't wait till we can start implementing her plan. She's incredible!Read More

Teresa was a pleasure to work with. Her creative ideas, unlimited energy, and enthusiasm made this project become a reality. We couldn’t be happier with the results. We wanted some plantings done to create privacy between us and an adjacent neighbor, but didn’t know how to achieve this. Teresa designed and planted a beautiful woodland area that gives privacy without looking like a privacy fence. It looks great from all sides, we think our neighbors like it as much as we do! We highly recommend Teresa.Read More

Teresa helped us transform a hillside below our home into a lush oasis that now serves as our main entertaining space. It's more than a garden, it's our retreat where we eat, relax, enjoy the views and hummingbirds and savor our California lifestyle. Her planting choices have withstood the test of time and - after 12 years - remain drought-friendly and attractive. Can't say enough about her passion, talent and dedication. You won't regret bringing ecology by design on board.Read More

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