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"ecology by design" is this: We create our environment. Eco means “home” in Greek, and -logy is “the study of”. Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly observing and changing- designing on some level- our lives within constraints and opportunities. Opportunities in your landscape often go unseen or ignored, and the constraints are usually treated with excessive force in an effort to win over them or to impose an idea that takes much work and expense to uphold. I can help you see what your site is capable of, and I will work with you and your budget, your childhood dreams, your real estate, home, life, and other goals to find solutions. Hillsides are super usable, lawns are overrated, and small spaces rock. The constraints inform the design. Please call me if you are pursuing a major renovation, or a front yard makeover. Call me before siting a new home build, before you make important decisions. Builders and architects are often caught up with their specific technical objectives, and I constantly find them missing important considerations relating to ingress and egress, solar aspect, drainage, microclimate, existing landscape features, and noise. Then there are the finer points of life and living, that can make the difference between living in, and maximizing and really enjoying, your home. To sum it up, I argue that landscape design is about everything, and I can help you with all of it. Why not enjoy the view out from inside your house, even if you never want to go outside? My fees are $175/hr., described on this site if you poke around, and there is no job too small. I encourage you to reach out to see how I can help you. Beginning in 1999, I had the good fortune to work for and with a few sought-after landscape architects, designers, as well as a wide variety of contractors, in the Greater Bay Area and Santa Cruz. After exactly 20 years in CA, mid-2020 I returned to my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. Now I’m back with the plants that accompanied me when I started this process at The Conway School in Western Massachusetts, and the native plant conference here at Western Carolina University.


Design team won Sunset Magazine's 'People's Choice' award, 2004 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

36" x 72" x 3/4" glass & steel sculpture, permanent display, Fine Arts Center, University of TN, Chattanooga


Teresa Rogerson was referred to me by the company that mows my lawn. From the first time that Teresa and I met in person, she did two things that I needed: (1) she listened and (2) she advised. I knew what I wanted in general, but not specifically. In general, I wanted her to incorporate the existing plants (even if not in the same places) into the new organized flower bed across the entire front of my house. Specifically, I needed her advice on what other plants to use and where to put them. I told Teresa from day one that I wanted a garden that was simplistic, uncluttered (so the plants could expand over time to their full potential without growing into each other), and attractive. She and her team fulfilled my hopes and expectations.Read More

Tree has been a friend of mine for decades, and I hired her to help transform my Boulder Co. front and backyard into something interesting, beautiful, and natural. I always know I'm in good hands because she's such a unique designer in everything she does…and she doesn't skimp and make choices that aren't in harmony with the land. I feel like all in all she kind of pushes me to think next level, and I love that about her. First of all it was so fun, and we worked together to make intelligent choices that worked perfectly with my timeline, my budget, and the land. Fifteen years later I have a really awesome mature space that has grown into itself and become more interesting with time. I was grateful I took her suggestion and put in the larger architectural pieces that didn't give a lot of bang for the buck when they were planted, but now they are my favorite parts of the garden. There was plenty of space for me to add things or change little things over the years, but what I have is water wise, super easy to maintain, very integrated looking both with the home and the surrounding ecology, not too prissy or manicured -- LOVE -- and has given our family years of enjoyment. I was also excited that she knew so much about our native plants around here, or was willing to learn when she had questions. It was fun to walk around the nursery with her and pick up plants, and walk around the Landscape and envision how the backyard would be used, where the people would naturally walk, and where the sun was in the sky so we could optimize shade and sun when desired. The whole process was enjoyable. Couldn't be happier and can't refer her enough! Over the years she has only become more polished and more of an exceptional designer. She still has a very natural vibe, but she has earned the respect of extremely high-end clients and I love that she can span her creativity and skillfulness to lots of different kinds of people and projects. Everyone deserves a beautiful, thoughtfully integrated and natural landscape! it's like a little piece of paradise… that you get to interact with every single day. I wish she could do all of the 'scapes across the entire United States of America; if she could get her hands on them... I bet the birds and the bees might be able to make a comeback.Read More

Teresa was so wonderful to work with. As a London-based interior designer, I knew I wanted something unique when we decided to create an outdoor patio at our vacation rental property in Virginia. We looked for her guidance to create something to take best advantage of our peninsula view, help to add structure to our large (and largely unlandscaped) grounds, sit beautifully in our hillside, and also offer an elegant and unique destination point as well as great views. Teresa listened to what was important to me, delivered a thoughtful consultation, and created something uniquely beautiful that is such a wonderful departure from the standard paver patio so many landscape designers suggested. She is professional, thoughtful and creative and working with her was a great experience.Read More

Teresa has been very creative. She communicates well and has done an excellent job of satisfying our quirky ideas. The firms she contacted on our behalf were beyond our expectations. She worked directly with them to ensure our results, and stayed on top of the project.Read More

Teresa is wonderful. She took plenty of time to understand our really basic vision, and used her design experience to offer creative suggestions to bring it to life in a way that we couldn't have done on our own. She also has great partners to help plant, etc., which made all of the difference. We love our new yard and are grateful to have found Teresa.Read More

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